By now, as some of you may have noticed, we have started to become more active with our YouTube channel. Towards the end of 2015 we decided we wanted to have a large push with Social Media to expand the buisness and our brand awareness.

So at the end of 2015 we published our pilot of “At The Bench”, which rather appropriately named because we wanted to base the videos somewhere that was both visually interesting, and could also continue the rustic factory feel of The Night Factory.

Who wants to sit down and spend 10 mins watching a video and not at least have a slight chuckle to themselves?

The concept behind “At The Bench” is that filmmakers have a huge passion for their tools of the trade, from small bongo ties to full camera set-ups. Being in the lucky position that we are, we typically have access to lots of very expensive kit which people may not know exists, wonder what it does, wonder why it’s so expensive, or simply want to find out a bit more before they buy it.

We also want to provide people with our own opinions on various cool products that we use. In this first episode we unboxed a brand new wireless follow focus from DJI which, compared to the price of other follow focus units, was a steal! Being such a new product there were barely any videos so we saw this as our opportunity to pounce and get on the bandwagon early!

This video got very popular and collected over 1,000 views within a few days. Although this number is small compared to some of the crazy view statistics that other videos get, for us, a virtually non existant YouTube channel, this was a great start! We also go some really great feedback from people saying they loved the production value and how we structured the videos.

FoolFacebokThis was the verification we needed that such a series would be worth the time to make, and that people would enjoy them. After we came back from our Christmas break we started work on Ep.2 which talks about a popular app for iOS which enables users to control their RED camera from the phone and control and number of various aspects of the camera all from this tiny little app. Again this video had a great reception and even the app maker re-tweeted and made posts about our video saying how much he liked it!

As well as being a great way for the company to get more visable to the people, it is actually really fun making them. We love digging our teeth into anything we can, and seeing where we can go with it. We would love for this series to grow and develop as things can always can be improved made more engaging for an audience. We would love to go to trade shows, partner with companies to do reviews, partner with rental houses, work with other filmmaking based YouTube channels, this list goes on! Although this is only just the start of “At The Bench”, we can guarentee that it will not be your run of the mill series where you can expect the same content each time – oh no! We want each episode to stand on its own and not only provide educational information, but also be entertaining, as who wants to sit down and spend 10 mins watching a video and not at least have a slight chuckle to themselves?

We hope that everyone who watches our videos enjoys them, and takes something away from it. We encourage anyone to give us feedback in any form. positive or negative, so that we can make this series as good as it can be!

Until next time, Happy filmmaking!